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With Everytalent, you have the perfect way to find and retain new talent. Gain access to virtual career fairs, a network of schools, & pre-qualified entry-level jobseekers. Our hiring process saves you 82% of recruitment time!

How do we save you 82% of recruitment time?

We take care of all the resource-intensive backend processes
The proprietary AI /data analytics enabled skill & IQ testing process ensures a perfect match of candidates with companies and roles.
Screening of candidates
Our team of career consultants and event planners manage the entire process, freeing you to focus on getting to know potential candidates.
Personalized management
All the data we collect
is processed to improve engagement and efficiency
in innovative ways.
Data Analysis

What else do you gain from a partnership with Everytalent?

We offer a range of platform features and services that help you save recruitment time & resources, and provide a forum to build connections with a diverse range of jobseekers. Everytalent offers...
An HD enabled video broadcasting platform that lets you present your brand & engage with young jobseekers.
4K Live broadcasting for great video quality
Interactive features like chats, polls, and background filters
Seamless navigation across multiple stages
Sponsored branding opportunities
Access to a diverse and inclusive workforce from schools across the US, keeping up with a dynamic generation of achievers.
Improve your company's reputation with inclusive hiring practices
Expand your perspective through diverse cultural values
Build lasting connections to ensure your future hiring prospects
Foster innovative ideas as your portfolio of talent increases
Everytalent's assessment tool provides a fair evaluation of the candidates' skills & cognition even before you meet them.
Dive into the abilities & strengths of the candidates
Gain awareness of their potential vulnerabilities
Find prospects that fit your company’s culture
Access in-depth data from the applicants' results
We can introduce you to that talent.
To find out more, talk to our team.
The future of your company is built on the people you hire today!

So what's next?

Tilda Publishing
step 1.
Register your organization & pick a relevant recruitment fair
Create customized candidate hiring criteria
& feed it to our system
step 2.
Attend the chosen virtual career fair and engage with top candidates to find the perfect fit!
step 3.

Amazon Case Study

A multi-session virtual event showcasing "What is it like to work at Amazon as part of the Amazonian Experience and Technology Team?"
Keynote speech from Brent Haye (Vice President of the Amazonian Experience and Technology team)
Every session featured a different conference room. Members of different teams spoke about their current projects, what they have learned during their time with the company, and what they are looking forward to.
of event attendees to job applicants
production timeline from concept to the live event
of attendees
engaged with the team at the virtual recruitment event
“There’s no other way to say it: we’d be lost without you #MakingAnImpact. Thank you for supporting Amazonian Experience & Technology via the Everytale platform during Amazon Career Day. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciated your focused attention, leadership, and the work of your amazing team!”
Kristine Forsberg
Senior Program Manager at Amazon
“You’re amazing! The event looked incredible!”
Allyson Crowell
Director of Strategic Communications at Amazon
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