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What does Everytalent offer students?

Everytalent is a platform that matches jobseekers' interests and abilities with employers' needs and aspirations.
It's more than a job board. You get assessment, learning, & networking to get you ready for a great career!
Make an impression even before the interview, with our skills and competencies assessment tool.
When you stand out from your peers with high scores on the parameters essential to employers, you will have a greater chance of being interviewed.
You get a detailed analysis of your results with recommendations to overcome potential vulnerabilities.
You could also win a scholarship!
Develop skills with course recommendations and company representatives at our Career Fairs.
Meet professionals from various industries, engage over interactive virtual sessions, and get all your questions answered.
Your assessment report includes specific courses that will help you skill up for your desired job.
Find out about the work culture at a company and decide if fits with your lifestyle choices.
Join a network of jobseekers, employees, and employers to launch
your career.
Access companies that create purpose-driven employment for today's graduates.
Engage with people that share similar cultural values, especially on inclusiveness and diversity.
Meet and interact with other jobseekers and students and discuss shared challenges and opportunities.
Our success stories
Mia D.
"I love how the test showed me what I'm good at. My confidence went up and I had so much more information to work with on my self-improvement."
Mia now works in sales, mentoring under industry giants & was selected for the interview based on how well she scored on decisiveness.
Sales & Business Development Associate
Andy N.
"I was sceptical at first and didn't want to waste my time on another assessment. But this seemed different. I gave it a shot..."
Andy scored a 78% on his test and landed a job at the biggest global e-commerce company!
Digital Marketing Specialist
Jenny S.
"I had no idea what kind of company I wanted to work for until I got matched to the right companies on Everytalent."
Jenny has been at a leading start up in San Francisco since Jan 2022 and looks forward to using her skills to create innovative products in healthcare.
Product Designer
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