About us
30 years of experience in 1 hour! Everytalent helps companies make bias-free hiring decisions with its
cognitive and behavioral assessment
Everytalent has been created through a merge of two worlds:
HR and Methodologies. Our team strongly believes that bias free hiring is only possible when skills and competencies are being evaluated transparently disregard candidates’ CV. This is why back in 2019 we have come up with a unique model that will one day change the lives of millions.
Our Story
Having 10+ years in Edutech, Everytalent founders Andrey Ilskiy (CEO) and Valerii Makovetskii (CFO) have challenged the world of HR to adopt the new ethical code of hiring. The goal is to provide bias free hiring decisions matched upon the highest standards in the industry.
Ever since the idealization, Everytalent has gathered a data base of over 5,000,000 results from which the analytics now help hundreds of companies to make objective, evidence-based talent decisions that both reduce bias and drive impact for their teams.
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