Everytalent skills assessment
There are three essential skills that could estimate efficiency of a candidate. Numerical, verbal, and logical.
Here is why!
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The shortest and most
effective assessment of numerical, verbal and logical skills
Most advanced assessment on the market
The most accurate
assessment using the
modern testing theories
Timely limited and
cheating-proof. Even the
most skilled cheater will
Test adaptiveness for
candidates helps make
the assessment a
pleasant process
7 minutes to test each
individual skill
Test scores accuracy 17%
higher than average
Tests are drafted from
over 1,000,000 questions
Correct answers unlock
more complex questions
and vise versa
Analysis of numerical information presented in the form of tables, graphs and charts
Everytalent skills assessment makes up 360° view of
candidates cognitive abilities
Numerical skills
Analyzing textual information and forming correct conclusions on its basis
Verbal skills
Innovative technology analyzing formal-logical intelligence
Logical reasoning
The evaluation automatically generates a report that contains both a brief conclusion about the employee's potential and a description of all the components of potential.

The report does not require special education or training to interpret and use it in your work. It is simple and easy to make personnel decisions.
Get a detailed report upon complition
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Make objective decisions when hiring employees
Where can you use it?
Close entry-level positions
Identify employees who can be successful successors to your managers
Develop your talent pool
Qualify employees who can handle tasks of strategic importance to the company
Identify Overperformers
Select employees for future leaderships positions who will accurately learn the skills they need during training and apply them on the job.
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