Everytalent does. We created this ebook to help you level up your corporate culture using tech. This is what you will find there:
How does technology impact your corporate diversity
How to create bias free environment
How to generate ROI through diversity
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Everytalent's 2022 Diversity guide by professional for professionals
Everytalent cares about creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. We created this Free ebook to help you better understand how technology impacts your comapany’s hiring activities around diversity and inclusion.
How Everytalent helps?
“diversity is all about bringing the broadest and highest levels of skills into their fold”
Technology is definitely beneficial as a time-saving device, and also as a way of getting a broad range of applicants shortlisted.
The right assessment tools help avoid tech-driven biases against applicants who aren’t using the ‘right’ wordage in their applications.
Everytalent offers an AI assessment that would suit any level and skill of your team members.
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