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Our cognitive and behavioral testing identifies the best candidates and allows you to make hiring decisions quickly and efficient
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Digitize your candidates' abilities
Everytalent helps companies make the right hiring
decision through multifunctional testing of cognitive
and behavioral abilities

Set your candidate requirements and get a generated
link to take the test
Searching for candidates doesn't always have to take weeks
46 hours
13 hours
for a hiring decision
for a hiring decision
Preselecting candidates for interviews
300 candidates
12 hours
First Interview
30 candidates
20 hours
Data collection from the interview
2 hours
Second Interview
5 candidates
8 hours
Data collection from the interview
2 hours
Hiring decision
Preselecting candidates for interviews
300 candidates
1 hours
First Interview
10 candidates
12 hours
Hiring decision
With Everytalent you give everyone a chance to prove themselves and reduce the time to find candidates
How do you find talent among hundreds of candidates?
Create testing
Describe the job to determine the direction of
Share with candidates
Send out the link to candidates via job search
sites, social media, chat or email
Pick the best
Receive notifications about the results and invite the best candidates to the interview
Become an example of effective recruiting
We rank your candidates according to test scores
that have been improving over thirty years.

Your HR team can supplement their experience
with digitized data when making important

With Everytalent you get an effective corporate
team management tool.
Three essential skills estimate the efficiency and thoroughness of a candidate in a timely limited
AI driven assessment identifies correlation between 10 soft skills of a candidate to build a quantifiable behavioural profile and evaluate risks and predictions
Spare time of your HR managers with Evetytalent assessments!
Find out, how assessments can help you!
Core features included
No additional assessments
Support form
Internal hiring system
Onboarding and training
Behavioral assessment
Cognitive assessment
10 total assessments
1 admin seat
A powerful toolkit
for professionals
All features in Free PLUS:
$20 for each after 20
Most popular
20 monthly assessments
AI matchmaking
Email/chat support
Internal hiring system
1 admin seat
For teams building teams
All features in Growth PLUS:
$15 for each after 50
Employee retention analysis
Team fit analysis
Cultural fit analysis
Dedicated key account
50 monthly assessments
2 admin seats
Service package for a full HR experience
Customer support 24/7
All features in Advanced PLUS:
Integrations with ATS platforms
$10 for each after 150
Virtual career fairs
150 monthly assessments
10 admin seats
For the most powerful in the universe
HR Jedi
Looking for a bigger plan?
Test candidates for
any positions!
Sales or development, there is a different standard for each job
Finding talent is an art and hard work
The time-consuming selection process costs you a lot of money.
Painful hiring mistakes cost you much more.
With Everytalent, you will avoid wasting time and resources.
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